Augmented reality has been generating lots of hype lately. Do you use it in your larps? Are city games a form of larp? The success of Ingress proves that it’s high time we talked about this topic with all those into innovation. Is something trying to lure larps out of their cosy little classrooms?

Coordinator: Maciej Wanicki

Daniel Krzaczkowski (Grimuar)
City games in education

A few words about using city games in projects run by NGOs in Lubin. Dead writers' society, security in the net and on the streets. Reflections on the speaker's own work and on co-designing games with teenagers.

Jacek Olejnik
Will props stand the test of AR?

Google Glass, Oculus Rift are only the beginning. These projects are available to everyone. What happens when they become common? Will classrooms transform into real Dracula castles thanks to a graphic designers, and instead of costumes will we be wearing just miniature AR headsets?

Agata Czopek-Rowińska (Young Digital Planet)

Presentation of a modern digital tool which can be used to create and manage outdoor games.

Kamil Bartczak (AR Argos)
Larp editor based on the quantum ontology of scenarios - ideas for implementation

During previous editions of the KOLA conference the idea of quantum ontology for larp scenarios (ordering larp structure) was presented. Now it's time to present the project of a software which will radically shorten the time needed to create a game scenario.

Maciej Wanicki (Wielosfer)
Do we need technology in larps?

What is the aim, the cost and the profit of using modern technology at larps? How much does it complicate the designing process and how much time does it consume? During this discussion authors of High Rise, Ostatni Rejs and The Game will answer questions and tell you once and for all if it was it worth it.