Ladies and gents, lets face it. We all visit KOLA not only to listen, but above all, to talk. Time for official talks is already booked on friday, when most of panel discussions will take place.

Coordinator: Piotr Milewski

Piotr Milewski (STG Funreal) & Dominik Dembiński (Liveform)
Larp dictionary

After the larp conference KOLA 2013 we started working on a larp dictionary. Different larp groups have been using their own words to talk about their hobby, and slangs used only at specific larp events evolved. Now that there are more and more articles, publications and theses on larps it would be helpful if larpers used the same language to communicate. Time to sum up this year-long effort on larp concepts and their definitions.

Piotr Milewski (STG Funreal) & Dominik Dembiński (Liveform)
Wikipedia entry: larp

For many Wikipedia is a basic source of knowledge about the world. How should the entry "larp" be formulated? What about related entries? Should we follow the example given by foreign websites, or should we do it "Polish larp culture style"? How to deal with wiki editors' arrogance and ignorance?

Krzysztof Chmielewski (STG Funreal)
Złote Maski - ups and downs

In three months Pyrkon convention is hosting the fifth edition of the biggest Polish larp competition Złote Maski. The winners are indisputably the best larp designers in Poland, and it's said that last year's games were much better than any previous ones. And still no publication with the jury's verdicts, nominated and awarded games has been issued. Some say that communication between players and designers sucks, and that it has become a cruel habit of the Jury to wake up the Pyrkon participants in the middle of the night and excuse them from the sleeproom so that the all-important Board may run their session. And since winter is coming, let us indulge in a moment's reflection on: what the hell this competition is about? Do we really need it? What are it's major ills, and can they be cured?
We want to focus on three aspects in particular I. Games and designers (devoted to scenarios and running the games) II. Organizers and the jury (vision and mission of the competition, plus technical aspects) III. Feedback, post-project and other difficult words (communication with the designers, post competition materials, and what you need to do to win)

Remigiusz Maciupa (Wioska Fantasy)
Larps as commercialized entertainment

A discussion on how to commercialize larps in Poland. Solutions, ideas and experience.

Dominik Dembiński (Liveform)
Larp survey 2013 - results

Presentation of results obtained in the Polish larp survey 2013.

Piotr Milewski (STG Funreal)
ZPSL (Polish Larp Groups Association)

Do we need a Polish Larp Groups Association? Lights at the end of the tunnel, and lakes of lava ahead. Arguments for and against. Suggestions and an official invitation to unofficial discussions (Let's rule the world!)