There is a theory which calls larp the most elusive of arts. On the other side of the barricade there are those who state that larp is a project. If you are one of the latter - share your knowledge. Logistics, budget, costumes, props, software used to design games more efficiently - this session is devoted to all this stuff and more.

Coordinator: Agnieszka Labenz

Kamil Bartczak (AR Argos)
Project management

Organizing work while designing a larp all too often follows the same pattern: the less time we have before the event, the more efficiently we tend to work. At the same time, the less motivation we feel, the more difficult it is to get down to this work. During this presentation you’ll learn about a few useful tools and means of managing long-term projects. AR Argos approved.

Krzysztof Maj (ZKF Ad Astra/Kawaleria Berg)

One of the biggest pains of larp designers is finances. What can we do to make our several months of work and sacrifices pay off, and not leave us in the red? How to plan the budget, foresee and control the expenses and help our players pay their fees? Krzysztof "Flapjack" Maj, organizer of larps, conventions and other events, is here to share his expertise and thoughts on this one.

Dominik Dembiński (Liveform)

As fates of many larp organizations show, managing a team which is numerous and active can be the source of many difficulties. Conflicts and tensions seem unavoidable, sometimes leading to schisms in the organization. President of the Liveform Association, Dominik Dembiński, is here to share his knowledge on conflict management.

Ida Pawłowicz (AR Argos)
Logistics in action

One of the most demanding moments for larp logistics engineers it the time just before the game starts. Delivering materials, building sets, make up, briefings and on-the-go troubleshooting. Ida Pawłowicz, the chief logistics engineer for Geas larps will share a few tips on how to organize your team's work to make everything run smooth.

Agnieszka Labenz (AR Argos)

As we all know, it’s easier to spend than to earn money. This presentation covers several ways in which we can boost the budget of our larp. You’ll learn about applying for grants, rules for filling in application forms and about how the whole process works. The speaker, Agnieszka Labenz, is an AR Argos member, and a professional fundraiser.