KOLA is a place where we learn from one another. It’s a space where ideas are shared, brains are astorm and discussions rumble across the halls until the cows go home - undeniably the night is the best time to talk. That is why the long evening hours of the programme are going to be devoted to less formal presentations and discussions. Do you feel you have some subject you could talk for hours? Did yo have a brainwave about a new magic mechanics? Do you have a hunch that during big larps several premises of the fluid mechanics have much in common with how players move around between locations? Have you been able to unearth some long-forgotten photos from the first Polish larps? Are you writing your MA, or doing research and want to present your the results? KOLA is the time and place. You’re more than welcome!

Coordinator: Marcin Słowikowski

Anna & Michał Rogala
A game of acting, or are acting skills enough?

What makes a good larper? Great acting skills is the thing that most readily comes to mind. In this presentation we suggest a differentiation between acting well (associated with actor’s skills) and playing well. The latter means (1) taking the responsibility for the larp: making the game enjoyable to oneself and to others as well (2) behaving as one's character described in the scenario/by the GM would (3) taking care to keep decorum during the game (4) incorporating the aim and the genre of the larp into how one plays (by creating stunning scenes, by interacting with others, or competing to complete all the character’s quests).

Dorota Kalina Trojanowska (Grimuar)
Project "Larp krok po kroku"

Although larp theory and texts on how to write larps better are now available, there is still no manual on how to write larps from scratch. Do we really want every new larp designer to make the same mistakes we did and look for information in foreign literature? Or is it time we collected all the fundamental knowledge and techniques in one place? All in favor – don’t miss this presentation!

Piotr Labenz (AR Argos)

I want to introduce the notion of epiphany, a short but a very intense impression which has a lasting impact on the players’ imagination. The concept, related to WYSIWYG and the wow effect, can be useful in larp design, especially when creating immersive games. I will operationalise it pointing to examples and conditions which may facilitate situations when the players experience this phenomenon.

Krzysztof Chmielewski (STG Funreal)
Bleed - terra incocknita

Bleed has become somewhat of a cliché term, used by absolutely everybody in every larp, freeform, and experimental form. At the same time, depending on the basic concepts we agree with, we all differ in how we understand this notion, and thus, in what instruments should be used to measure it. I will present my suggestions on how to systematize the bleed effect in chamberlarps.

Agnieszka Rogowska (warszawski Wielosfer)
Larp campaigns: discussion

Larp campaigns are treated with much reserve by Serious Larp Designers. In Poland these games are associated with month-long vampire larps of the type “let’s throw in d20 characters to mix.” Old vintage larps, which lie far away on the map from freeforms, novel techniques and originality…
Why are larp campaigns popular then? Is it the “sims syndrome”, the popularity of the setting, or is there something more? Do they all look the same? And if so, should they be changed?
I want to talk about larp campaigns and invite you to a discussion. You’ll learn about the longest running larps in history with the plot developed in several dozen cities in Europe, the USA and Australia, simultaneously. Get ready for a talk about new forms of larp campaigns, technology, databases, mobiles and other cool stuff. Get ready for vampires.

Patryk Soczyńskli (Polish Jugger League)
Jugger - postapo sport

Jugger is a sport created for the cult postapo movie Salute of the Jugger starring Rutger Hauer. For some time now Polish conventions and larps host a safe version of this sport organized and developed by the Polish Jugger League project. What are the rules? Where can you see Jugger live? Where to find out more? Come and see.

Remigiusz Maciupa (Wioska Fantasy)
Hardcore larping - discussion and presentation

Hardcore Larping: what is it and how does it work. Presentation. Q+A.

Piotr Milewski (STG Funreal)
I love 2 hate U

Conflict is imprinted in human nature. War brings death and destruction, but also great progress and developments in science. Conflicts can, therefore, be used as tools of destruction and fuel to make the world (or a larp) spin faster... So, how do we go about labeling the players as allies and enemies to make it all work?

Malwina Otto (Grimuar)
Flipped larp

Boring larps, lousy GMs, whose one-and-only printer is always jammed so they can't print character sheets on time, disgusting food and always not enough of it to gobble, tacky character sheets, too few relationships, too many sub-plots, characters wondering without aim, talking out of character, too cold, too hot, too expensive! Or maybe... A talk about an idea for a change.