KOLA is the time and place to regularly share some secrets. What do you plan for 2014? What will change, and what will be the same? How, where, when, with whom, and why so expensive?

Coordinator: Zofia Urszula Kaleta

Zofia Urszula Kaleta (Wielosfer) & Krzysztof Maj (Kawaleria Berg/ZKF Ad Astra)
Larp. Buy now.

Imagine that you can choose any game you like via a internet service, choose the genre, the author, or the title, check who you’ll be playing with, be sure that the game you choose will not be cancelled. Imagine – just one click.
We hereby announce an event never organized in Poland before. Famous games, well-known designers, awarded scenarios. Larps which you couldn’t play before because you failed to sign up on time, run one more time, this time with you taking part. Come. Play. Zielona góra 2014.

Szymon Ulenberg
OldTown 2014 : a post-apo outdoor larp

OldTown is a postapo convention dating back to 2005, taking place on a deserted soviet airport near Stargard Szczeciński. This year’s 10th anniversary will take place on 21-27 July 2014. During this presentation we’ll share the story behind the convention, plans for the upcoming edition – both for the convention and the 48h outdoor larp which is part of the event. All fans of Fallout series and postapo are more than welcome.

Kamil Bartczak (AR Argos)
Geas: The Pilgrimage

2014 is coming with the third edition of the Geas larp series. We’ve decided to abandon the burgkon concept and take on… a form which we’ll present during this talk. Get ready for a few steps towards less symbolism and more of the 360 illusion.

Zofia Urszula Kaleta (Wielosfer) & Agnieszka Pilc
Larp calendar 2014

Where? What? Which one? For whom? How much? Presentation of the biggest and the most interesting larp events in 2014.

Malwina Otto & Dorota Kalina Trojanowska (Grimuar)
Mr & Mrs Larper

More about this presentation, only during the presentation. Don't miss it!

Mikołaj Wicher (Liveform)
Ideas for Kola 2015

A short thing about the shape and ideas for the next Polish larp conference in 2015 in Katowice.

Piotr Milewski (STG Funreal)
ZPSL: 0 or 1

A recap on the discussions on the Polish Larp Groups Association.