Welcome to the third edition of Polish (and perhaps soon international) KOLA Conference devoted to larps.

After the first two editions, which took place in Wrocław, the participants decided that future KOLAs will be organized in a different city every year.

In 2014 we will be honoured to host you in the North of Poland - in Gdynia, in Pomeranian Science and Technology Park.

The conference starts on Friday 03 Jan, and ends on Sunday, 05 Jan. On Monday 06 Jan (a holiday in Poland) we meet for a farewell breakfast and we suggest that guests from outside of Tricity use the rest of the day for their safe trip back home.

Why give a fig?

KOLA 2014 is much more than a typical conference. Get ready for:
- presentations,
- discussions,
- workshops,
- integration,
- friendly atmosphere.

We wanted this year’s conference to encompass a wide range of topics, so that everyone - larp newbies and oldies - find something of interest for themselves. Therefore:
- we’ll dig into larps from a few angles: concepts, organization, running, logistics, troubleshooting and evaluation;
- we’ll try to mark the paths that have long been trodden but are still relatively unknown to the general larp public;
- we’ll give a few thoughts to the projects realized this year to learn from their achievements and discuss opportunities for growth;
- we’ll take a look into the future;
- we’ll get out of the box, looking for inspiration in city games, theatre, modern technology and educational trends.

We believe that thanks to your original ideas we’ll be able to realize our bold plans. To put it bluntly, we need your help and contribution to make this conference a unique larping event in Poland.

We strongly encourage you to think critically and constructively, and to share your ideas - after all, they are the seeds of new games, articles and presentations.

Waiting impatiently for your reply to our call!

KOLA 2014 Organizers