KOLA 2014 is going to take place in a Conference Centre which is part of the Pomeranian Science and Technology Park.

PSTP is situated in Gdynia, the address is Aleja Zwycięstwa 96/98.

KOLA is going to take place in this prestigious venue thanks to the cooperation and kind help of the Gdynia Innovation Centre (GCI). GCI was created by the City Council as the financial body of the city of Gdynia to coordinate the development of the PSTP and to foster innovative enterprises in Gdynia.

The mission of the Pomeranian Science and Technology Park focuses on supporting of the Pomeranian Province economy potential development by creating a dedicated area with favourable conditions for partnership co-operation between science and industry, stimulating establishment and development of innovation oriented enterprises.

The main target for the Pomeranian Science and Technology Park is to perform all kinds of activities, crucial for economical development of the region and stimulate co-operation between universities and companies, strengthening the process of technology transfer and entrepreneurship development. The Park contributes to the development of innovation oriented companies, influencing on economic indicators of the region.

The main task set before PSTP is to create and deliver preferential conditions for companies which want to conduct business based on high-tech in such fields as: biotechnology, environment protection, IT and industrial design, ensuing also their safe environmental impact.

Other tasks include development of entrepreneurship in the Pomeranian Region through incentives encouraging the development and restructuring processes and result in creating of new permanent workplaces.

The performance of PSTP tasks and co-operation with foreign Partners delivers data about latest development trends in innovative branches of economy and deliver pattern solutions for identified needs of innovation oriented companies.