Gdynia – a sunny city with a zest!

It is worth visiting Gdynia for many important reasons even though it is best to put down your roots here. 250 thousand persons have already done that appreciating the values of our beautiful, convenient and as proven by scientists – the sunniest city in Poland (1671 hours per year…).

Gdynia is one of the youngest Polish cities. The port is here – gate to Poland and Gdynia’s pride. The biggest in Poland Pomeranian Science and Technology Park is located here; it was established to support companies with innovative projects.

Thanks to the direct vicinity between the city centre and the sea, as well as overwhelming greenery, Gdynia is an incredibly attractive place to live. It is in Gdynia, as the social diagnosis of one of the most popular Polish sociologist shows, where the biggest number of happy people in Poland lives.

The forest, the seaside or recreational spots in the centre – all are close to all districts. In just a few moments you can walk from the main Świętojańska Street to Skwer Kościuszki, that is the most representative part of the port. And here the ships are moored – the symbols, known and important not only for Poles: WWII veteran – ORP Błyskawica and the Dar Pomorza frigate – both operating as museums. Also the sailing ships Dar Młodzieży, Iskra, Pogoria, Zawisza Czarny – when they come back to their home port from cruises. From here it is only a step to the Gdynia Aquarium with the collection of hundreds of sea fauna and flora species from exotic seas and oceans. In direct vicinity there is the Passenger Ships Alley and next to it the passenger fleet marina and yacht marina – the biggest in Poland. This is where every few years the rallies of the biggest sailing ships from all around the world take place. And in summer Gdynia invites visitors to its four sand guarded beaches. The biggest is located right in Gdynia’s centre, next to Bulwar Nadmorski.

The residents of Gdynia like and know how to have fun and with them the guests from Poland and the world. For years Gdynia has been known for its cultural projects recognisable all over Europe, such as for example the famous Heineken Open’er Festival, which attracts the best musicians from all over the world. Among the prestigious festivals there are also Ladies’ Jazz Festival, Globaltica Word Culture Festival, Gdynia Blues Festival, with stage right next to Bulwar Nadmorski. Other famous cultural initiatives in Gdynia include also the Literary Prize Gdynia which thanks to its unique formula of parallel awards for poets, prose writers and essayists quickly became a special event in the Polish literary circles. And finally there is the Gdynia Film Festival –the biggest film event in Poland which for decades has been promoting Polish cinematography in Europe on a great scale.

The numerous Gdynia’s advantages include undoubtedly... its great neighbours. All who decide to take a break in Gdynia may and should seize this opportunity and visit other towns of the region. Beautiful in every season is the nearby Kashubia with its hundreds lakes and vast forests. All close and well-connected.

Gdynia, as it befits a port city, is a true “window to the world.” It supports discoverers, is open to new trends and always kind for visitors from close and afar.

It is enough if you just come here, feel welcome!