We call for papers for KOLA 2014 publication.

Don’t you sometimes feel the urge to shout, “Knowledge, quo vadis? Why do you abandon us? Why do you vanish? Why, when I see you leave, do I know that at this very moment someone, somewhere, is attempting to steal the fire - unaware that it has already been paid in blood for…?”
No more!
Let’s write!
Let’s share our knowledge. Let’s make all our work matter.

We hereby extend our heartfelt invitation to all of you who want to contribute to our Polish publication on larps which will be published by the end of this year and will be available at KOLA 2014 larp conference. We want you to help us gather knowledge and share your experience, whether you are authors, participants, or scholars. Register today and write your own article!

To help you organize your ideas we decided to divide the publication into three sections, and call it: Larp. Thoughts, Words, Deeds.

Thoughts - inspirations and concepts

The thought is always first - the spark. It is born out of inspiration. Where to find it? And then what? How to mould it? How to structure it? Its life, its plotline? The opening, the conclusion, the beginning, the ending - with or without?

Words - writing and creative process

The first tool. Surely, it should be used generously, but with prudence. But what to write? What to leave out? What to hide between the lines? Which words to highlight and why? How to weave them into patterns, codes, systems, trees of possibilities, labyrinths of mystery?

Deeds - running the game and post-larp documentation

It starts before it begins. How to prepare? What to look for? What to do by yourself? How to be smart? How to design the world - conflict, touch, space, sex, magic, time, the gods? And then, when it begins - how to behave? Lead by the hand, whisper in the ear, give freedom, entwine in music? Thank, talk afterwards?

* * *

Of course we do not want to impose any restrictions. You can freely move across these subjects or focus on just one, very specific theme. It’s your call.

Important dates
20 Oct 2013 - collecting ideas/concepts for articles
01 Dec 2013 - deadline for submitting the articles

Every concept needs to be approved, so that we don’t receive two very similar papers. We will reply to all emails with concepts within 72 hours of receiving them. If you don’t get a reply by then, please let us know HERE.